What’s a vow but a contract. Whether written and signed or spoken with a handshake, it’s still a contract. Your word is your bond. At least it should be.

A marriage is a contract, as both parties repeat vows at the altar. Some are traditional - to love, honor and obey - while others are made up to suit the participants. It’s sealed not with a handshake, but a kiss…and consummated later.

The following is an edited version of one in a series of letters addressed to United States President Barack Obama.

Dear Mr. President,

I was pleasantly surprised to receive from you and the White House a response to my personal immigration story and open letters calling for immigration reform.

On the surface, the unrest in Ferguson, Mo., was about local police using deadly force on an unarmed young man. But on a deeper level, it reflected the increasing poverty and economic decline that affects ethnic communities all over America.

Despite rosy reports in the media about the end of the national foreclosure crisis and the recession that followed, all is not well in our inner cities and suburbs with largely minority populations, like Ferguson.

It’s no news to anyone that Latinas don’t get much diversity of roles in popular entertainment media. On TV we have sexy domestic workers Ana Ortiz and company on Devious Maids, and sexy bimbo Sofia Vergara on Modern Family.

On film, we’ve got sexy badasses Zoe Saldana in Colombiana and Michelle Rodriguez in the Machete and Resident Evil flicks. We’ve got sexy prostitutes and strippers, too, like Rosario Dawson and Jessica Alba in Sin City 1 and 2. We’ve got Eva Mendes as the sexy homewrecker on film in The Women, and Eva Longoria as the sexy wife who wrecks her own home on the Desperate Housewives of relatively recent memory.