We’ve seen it so often that it’s now become laughable, pitiable, and disgraceful. But more than anything else it strikes to the heart of a grotesque truth about American hypocrisy. The “it” this time is the blatant and outrageous casual, almost matter of fact, infuriating racial double standard by law enforcement, much of the press and public officials when it’s young black males committing mayhem versus young and not so young white males committing mayhem.

Special For Corporate Criminals!

Question … How can you rob a bank and go free? Answer … Work for one! And it’s NO different with Barack Obama than any of his predecessors. As you learn again and again in Obama’s America, week after week Barack Obama is playing the same old games as President. He proved it yet again on Wednesday. Call it Monopoly for business executives. They always win!

Guyana 2015 election voting patterns crossed ethnic lines. 

The evidence shows that Guyana’s ethnic voting pattern has remained constant with each passing election. This recent election was no different. I have come to the conclusion that the over-emphasis on the need for cross-over voting as the solution to our ethnic polarization is not a very sound approach. When parties talk about cross- over voting, they mean voters crossing over to them from the opposite group, but not the other way around.

Those of us who work in education reform realize getting young people into better schools is one way to improve lives and change communities. We fight tirelessly to increase the educational options families have, and raise the quality of education students receive. The smoke rising in Baltimore serves as yet another reminder that America’s legacy of injustice and racism continues.