How many distressed damsels have been damned to a fate that only a stray dog is used to? 

How many ladies have languished and been laid bare by the brutal battering of a bullying brute? It is the public, private and secret shame of many households, and yet it shows no sign of abatement. It may be getting worse and it spans all echelons of society.

Earlier this year, Owen Arthur, the former Prime Minister of Barbados, described the malaise that now affects much of the Anglophone Caribbean. Delivering the 15th Archibald Nedd Memorial Lecture in Grenada, Mr. Arthur observed that the typical Caribbean nation now has to rely for material progress on economic systems that are no longer viable.

On Tuesday June 2nd, 2015 County Commissioners will be voting whether or not to approve the creation of a Community Development District (CDD) for the Miami Worldcenter project. The Miami Worldcenter is the second largest development project in the county. It will cover 27 blocks adjacent to Overtown, a historically African-American neighbourhood.

Insanity is defined as “extreme foolishness” or “irrationality” as well as “idiocy, stupidity or lunacy.” These are just some synonyms that can be used to define the actions of House Republicans whose candidates are in the fight for the White House come 2016.