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The perfection that women strive for is not natural in most cases, and even though they want us to think so, they do a lot of unnatural preparations to try and look natural. I have seen many natural beauties that are jaw dropping, breathtaking, drop dead gorgeous. But the truth is, women are mostly manufactured.
Could it be that some men secretly want to be women? The say that most women suffer from penis envy, ergo, and secretly yearn to be men. Well, it just may be that many men suffer from vagina envy, although being a man’s world, we never hear that term. Still, even if men don’t want to be women, it is a certainty that they are strongly influenced by females. Combine this with the female hormones and chromosomes that all men have, and there is no escape, the feminine influence affects our lives.
Greetings from 30,000 feet as a week of travels flies me across the aerial highways, from the northeast to the southeast, back to the northeast and onto the west coast. Well, I had not planned to return to the northeast so quickly, but I had little option because I missed my flight from Fort Lauderdale to Houston with connecting service to Las Vegas to attend a hotel convention on Tuesday morning.
A recent headline on an e-mail caught my attention as it declared: “Congressional Redistricting Proposal Would Reduce African-American Representation in Congress, and Divide Up Brooklyn’s Caribbean Community”. The story came on the heel of United States Magistrate Roanne Mann’s proposed Congressional district map that would eliminate two of New York’s 29 congressional districts. Mann, appointed to study the issue and make recommendations after failures by Albany’s legislative body to come to an agreement, has recommended that the number of Congressional districts in New York, with 50 percent or more voting age black adults, should be reduced.
The National Senior Citizens Law Center applauds President Barack Obama for his position in support of same sex marriage. For many low-income older Americans, many of the rights enjoyed by heterosexual couples prevent the impoverishment of a spouse when death or illness strikes. For example, if a spouse is living in a nursing home and the bill is being paid by Medicaid, there are laws protecting the other spouse from impoverishment or from losing a home. While the Obama Administration has issued directives giving states the flexibility to provide some protection to same sex couples in such situations, such protection is generally not available.