lady"We see the support of the Sandals Foundation as demonstrative of the Caribbean's growing global prowess as a sustainable tourism destination.

Through this support we plan to enhance our Caribbean tourism management strategy through two important pillars: stronger relations with our large Diaspora and by honing the creative skills of the next generation of Caribbean tourism leaders." - Sylma Brown, Director, Caribbean Tourism Organization - USA

obama5For Prerna Lal, how deportation data is parsed and explained is personal. She was once an undocumented immigrant herself, and for her, the deportation statistics represent people’s lives.

“There’s political motivations behind the numbers game,” says Lal. “We can cut the numbers either way, but the fact remains that the actual number of deportations is 2 million. These are people who are hard-working members of our community — mothers, brothers, members of our family.”

By Robert Morrison

I was a last-minute substitute for an international conference on euthanasia, in London! The year was 1998 and I had never been to Britain before. I was so excited I could not sleep. What to see? Where to go?

The conference obviously took first priority. But I wanted to spend every spare moment taking in the sights. "When a man is tired of London," said the great Samuel Johnson, "he is tired of life." I planned to walk everywhere. Under my own feet, I wanted to feel the streets where history happened.

diamondsLove is blind and there are none as blind as them that refuse to see.

Even after the movie “Blood Diamonds” highlighted the human suffering and social fragmentation involved in smuggling African diamonds, lovers still fall prey everyday to the ongoing scam by the diamond industry. It’s time for lovers and us to wake up to the rip-off that diamond marketing represents.

Spring is here. Soon it will be June, the favorite month for lovers to get married. Love makes us do foolish things. So too does De Beers, which targets lovers with marketing campaigns designed to make them spend what they can’t afford, buying overpriced diamond engagement and wedding rings.