Robbing, committing murder, pilfering and conniving is common to mankind and is nothing new. So criminals will be with us forever as they come in all shapes, sizes, forms, colors, races, religions and creeds.

Some weeks ago, this column urged the Caribbean to begin to think the unthinkable. It suggested that there are some individuals whose values are not those of the vast majority and who mean harm to those who live in the region or who visit.

The following is another in a series of articles addressing United States President Barack Obama.

Dear Mr. President,

We will soon know who will control the United States Senate going forth. Will it remain blue or will it turn bloody red?

Under the pretext of preventing voter fraud and safeguarding election integrity, unpublicized legalized voter suppression has swept through the United States, particularly threatening non-whites, low-income persons, senior citizens, voters with disabilities and students.