The first prerequisite to be considered for a cabinet or a high level position in Trump’s administration, you must be against everything President Obama stands for. This may seem obnoxious, but Trump has decided that he knows how to run the government, with no experience. Successful businessmen are a strange breed; because they believe whatever they touch will turn to gold.

Exactly what did President Barack Obama’s Obama do for the race while he was POTUS? Obama’s presidency is slipping from present to past, from daily headlines to history books. The talk of legacy intensifies as Obama rounds the final corner of his improbable political career.  Other than political words what will President Barack Hussein Obama leave in his stead? At the heart of the matter is: “What good did Obama do for Blacks?” History will paint Obama as an artful politician just mouthing words such as “racial reconciliation.” In “politics nation” Democrats want to blame Republicans for Obama’s failures, whil Republicans did all they could to help him fail. Now, die-hard Democrats simply want President Trump to fail, like Republicans had wanted Obama to fail.

There are 350,000 guns owned by citizens in America, and the majority of the owners are White. This is a statistical fact, and the majority of police in America are White, and they carry a gun every day. Last week was a bad week in the courts for Black men, because two policemen, one in North Carolina and one in South Carolina will probably not be charged for killing a Black man.

News Americas, LONDON, England, Fri. Dec. 2, 2016: The problem with disruptive technology is not just that it disrupts what we have become comfortable with, but that it has unpredictable consequences that can go far beyond what was intended. Take Airbnb, a simple idea that is a form of matchmaking between travellers and individuals with a spare room or rooms. It offers a visitor somewhere that is cheaper than a hotel while providing a genuine sense of place and experience of the country they are visiting. So successful has this simple idea become that the company, which only started in 2008, now has around 2m listings globally in 34,000 cities and 191 countries.

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