President Barack Obama swept into office in 2008 on the backs of many immigrant voters and on promises of comprehensive immigration reform. Yet, in the five years since holding the post as President and Commander-in-Chief, his administration has deported more than 3 million immigrants to Latin America and the Caribbean, the most of any U.S. President and the most to any region on earth.

Local Cities & Counties Vote for Moratoriums & Zoning Restrictions - But Will it Matter?

Following this week’s decision by the Boynton Beach Commission to place a one-year moratorium on issuing licenses to businesses to sell medical marijuana in Boynton Beach, the Vote No on 2 Campaign today spotlighted the influx of various cities and counties across Florida who have decided to place moratoriums or zoning restrictions on future pot shops.

Ever since prehistoric man came in out of the cold, stopped living in trees and found habitat in his warm, safe comfortable cave, he became housebroken.

Antigua and Barbuda says the refusal of the international community to grant concessional financing is stifling economic growth in the Caribbean.