As President Barack Obama gets ready today to reveal his immigration executive action reprieve plan for undocumented immigrants across the U.S., Utah Republican Congresswoman-elect Mia Love can’t help but show her hypocrisy on the issue.

Talk about back stabbing!

It looks like Barack Obama is going to give a pre-Thanksgiving gift — some would say “knife in the back” — to black America: virtual amnesty for nearly 5 million illegal aliens.

The Republican Party’s takeover of the U.S. Senate in Tuesday’s midterm election is the tip of the rather sizable iceberg that saw the GOP win governorships in the blue states of Illinois, Maryland and Massachusetts.

The Time to Act is now! 

Sometimes Caribbean people say disparagingly, that the region waits to see what the United States does before taking action. I believe this to be part-false part-fact given that at times, we have little choice other than relying on larger countries for monetary and non-monetary help, which often comes with conditions that influence our policies.