Now that the U.S. federal court has halted the President’s immigration executive orders and the Trans-Pacific Partnership bill with an immigration component has died in the Congress, it looks bleak again for immigration reform. At least until the next Presidential election!

Former Spokane NAACP President Rachel Dolezal in one fell swoop managed to ignite furor over race, civil rights, leadership, integrity, reverse discrimination, media sensationalism, and even family squabbles. This is quite a feat for one person who, before the firestorm broke over her allegedly misrepresenting herself as a black person, headed one of the chapters of the nation’s oldest civil rights organizations.

When Browder was 16, he was arrested on a charge of stealing a book bag—a charge he denied. He spent three years in Rikers Island jail without ever receiving a trial. On Saturday he killed himself. Kalief Browder was murdered, in the first degree. The papers will say that on Saturday, Browder, 22, walked into a room in his home, took the air conditioner out of a wall and hanged himself.

Last month at the National Forum for Youth Violence Prevention summit on preventing violence, Baltimore presented its city-wide blueprint, “B’More for Youth! Building Baltimore’s Cradle to Career Pipeline.” As all eyes have been on Baltimore this April, all eyes should now turn to the blueprint. Hope and opportunity seem to be exactly what young people have been calling for in the streets of Baltimore.