“Max You Will Learn; It Is So Easy To Pull A Con!”

This week’s episode is about President Obama by association. His association with multi-billionaire Mark Zuckerberg, who you can be sure President Obama refers to as a “friend.” They have been together numerous times.  Zuckerberg gets to make personal phone calls to Obama. The Zuckerbergs have received a coveted invitation to a White House State dinner, and just last month Obama made a promo for Facebook with Mark.

Let’s face it – we’ve all heard the song and dance from Democrats on immigration reform and how exactly they will ensure it. We hear it each time United States presidential election comes around. Barack Obama, before he was president, sang it loudly to capture the immigrant vote. Then as president, with a democratically controlled Congress and Senate in place, he did nothing except deport millions.

Last month Jamaica beat Haiti 1-0 in a 2018 World Cup soccer qualifier in Port-au-Prince, four days after the Reggae Boyz lost 2-0 at home to Panama. Stand-in captain Adrian Mariappa spoke with Gordon Williams about his team’s performance and Jamaica’s bid for a place in the sport’s biggest show. The following is an edited version of that conversation:

It’s a thing with Caribbean men. They love tall hair on women. 

Remember the line from the fairy tale “Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair.” This was recited by the prince who was courting her, as he would then climb up on her flowing locks in order to reach her as she was trapped in the castle’s tower. Quite a hair-raising experience.