You’ll never find President Obama at a bank cash machine. And so begins our Independence Day saga here in Obama’s America. How fitting that this extremely flawed President picks the days leading up to Independence Day to savage one of our Great Founding Fathers. How many times have I mentioned so far in 230 episodes of Obama’s America how much contempt I have for Barack Obama? A whole lot!

Ten years ago the United States Congress passed the resolution proclaiming Caribbean American Heritage Month. That initiative heralded the culmination of committed advocacy by a dedicated group determined to highlight the contribution of Caribbean people to the American society. History will record the prominent role of the Institute of Caribbean Studies (ICS) and its Founder and President, Dr. Clare Nelson in that achievement.

On Tuesday June 16th, Donald Trump announced in New York, home to 44 hate groups, that he will run for President, with a diatribe against Mexico. He accused the country’s leaders of sending drugs, criminals and rapists to the U.S.

Former GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney says take it down. Present GOP presidential candidate Jeb Bush says take it down. South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley will say a qualified take it down. The “it” is the Confederate Flag. They now want the flag removed from the South Carolina State House.