At age 19, I was a sophomore in journalism at the University of Minnesota and member of Students for Civil Rights. I joined the roughly 25,000 others who bused to Selma to join the last part of the march, two weeks after Dr. King led the first and bravest group into bloody confrontation on the Edmund Petus Bridge.

Now that the campaign dust has settled and the political season is over, I wish to express my very deep appreciation to you, the Publishers, and your Editorial Boards, Editors, Managers and Staffs of the fourteen Black-owned newspapers with whom we in the VoteNoOn2 Campaign were so pleased to work.

There were two big takeaways from President Obama’s Cuban opening. The first is obvious. After 55 years of U.S.-backed invasions, covert efforts to sabotage and overthrow Fidel Castro, an embargo, and a Cold War freeze in diplomatic relations, the U.S. policy toward Cuba has been an abject failure.

Travis Weber, FRC’s Director of the Center for Religious Liberty, has written a new holiday column on Christmas, freedom of religion and the public sphere. This a great, wide ranging piece that covers various legal debates on the place of religion in public life.