White House official says that the My Brother’s Keeper initiative will be one of the president’s important legacies.

It was easy to mistake Thursday’s gathering at a New York City hotel for a religious meeting. One panelist, who proudly proclaimed his Baptist-preacher lineage, issued the rallying cry in his opening remarks: “God is good all the time.” But the roughly 200 people in attendance had gathered at the National Action Committee’s panel discussion in midtown Manhattan not to hear a sermon but to learn what they could do to save endangered young black men.

Since the new Republican-controlled United States Congress took over in January, it has done nothing but focus on President Barack Obama’s order that is aimed to help millions of immigrants. It’s becoming tiring now, especially since the Republicans have offered zero in the way of solution to deal with the millions of undocumented immigrants living in the country. They all realize they cannot simply deport 11-plus million people.

Trinidad and Tobago and Jamaica have a long-standing rivalry in several areas, but in soccer it is rises to a high level, especially in the Caribbean Cup, the regional championship. In 17 championships since the inception of the Caribbean Cup, Jamaica and T&T have won 14 – eight for the Reggae Boyz, six by the Soca Warriors.

We all have assigned duties in life, or at least we should. This duty is carried out by daughters, sons, moms and dads. But should duty, work or labour be the domain of a specific gender? Who dictates that women should do certain tasks only, and men do other types of tasks? Is there such a thing as “woman’s work”? The Bible says women were hewers of wood and carriers of water, but I can’t recall any mention of what labour intensive tasks men were supposed to carry out.