Some are calling the event the fight of the century, but could it also be the last professional boxing match anyone cares about?

Is this how boxing ends—not with a whimper but a bang? The May 2 bout between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao has been six years in the making. In that time, there’s been a flirtation with retirement and a brush with the law for Mayweather, and political office and album-making for Pacquiao, while their teams hashed out the details of the purse split, drug testing and the fight location.

In December, President Obama announced the creation of a Task Force on 21st Century Policing to develop specific recommendations to improve law enforcement and community relations while ensuring public safety. The Task Force, representing a diverse array of law enforcement and civil rights experts along with community leaders, engaged numerous stakeholders and constituency groups across the country to identify meaningful opportunities to improve policing in America.

I don’t take joy in being right so often. Even if it makes Obama’s America so worthwhile to read. I tried to tell Obama not to got to Saudi Arabia a few weeks ago and kiss the Saudi despot’s ass but he did it anyway. Well I am going to try again.

We should not allow the evil of racism, Guyana’s frustrating politics and the political dinosaurs in the ruling PPP party to drive us to border on demeaning or denying some uplifting aspects of our identity.