John Boehner and his right wing band of mad men are at it again – offering no solutions but using their power to show exactly how they feel about immigrants.

Historically, most women didn’t like to appear to be too easy or too easily won so they played hard to get, just to let the men chase after them.

Here’s the simple mental snapshot I thought I’d have of this week’s Super Bowl, my first in California: me + good people + great bar. And so it was that I found myself among a hundred-plus crowd in North Oakland on Sunday afternoon, amiable trash-talking and constant cheers drowning out the audio from a dozen HDTVs showing the Seahawks-Patriots matchup. My new friends and I slung our arms around our chairs and each other, the air thick with beery communion, and the whole lot of us flush with the goodwill one can only feel while consuming shamelessly cheap drinks and free (!) deluxe nachos.

This is the Climate Moment. A possible turning point. Consider the massive storm that resulted in a state of emergency throughout much of New England with temperatures in the teens, gusty winds, and snow measured by the foot not the inch. We know from the science that climate change will make storms more severe and more common.