First and foremost, I must thank the members for having confidence in me to lead this noble institution that we all know as COBA; and I must thank the previous administrations and in particular, the most previous one that was led by Mr. Keith Whyte.  As you may have noticed, the team that we have here today is almost the same.  We have been building an infrastructure and several roads, and the work will continue.

It’s been three months now since Courtney Crum Ewing was murdered on the streets in Guyana. His demise drew widespread condemnation from large sections of the society. The masses in conjunction with the political leaders transformed his funeral into carnival of protest. That moment may have had something to do with the collective energy that would make May 11th a historic day.

Two songs I always remember are “Color Him Father” by the Winstons and “Oh my papa to me he was so wonderful, oh my papa, to me he was so good…” I used to hear them as a child, and even though haven’t heard them in years, they still stick in my mind. So many words have been written about fathers throughout history - in song, poetry and prose. And so many tales have been told about fathers too, some flattering, others not so great.

President Obama “Preaching” In Charleston. 

Amazing Grace indeed! The praise has been endless for Barack Obama’s performance at the tragic funeral for one of the 9 victims in Charleston two weeks ago Friday. How about this headline in the New York Times, “Obama’s Eulogy, Which Found It’s Place in History?” Or how about this in Daily Kos – “In Charleston eulogy, Obama facilitated one of the most unique moments in presidential history.”