“I Saw A Great Light!”

O my God! Is it possible? O my God!!! Has all my work these last 235 past weeks not been in vain? Is it a MIRACLE? Am I REALLY saying and thinking this? Could it be Medical Marijuana is making me crazy? No I don’t even know where to get any (anymore anyway). So I might as well say it …Is it possible …

' Ricardo Makyn/Staff Photographer President Barack Obama smiles and waves as he leaves Jamaica last Thursday. United States (US) President Barack Obama has extended congratulations to Jamaica on the country's 53rd Independence celebration. In a US Embassy release, Obama said he was delighted to wish all Jamaicans continued success and prosperity.

The detachment of Jamaica from the British colonial scaffold 53 years ago, and our emergence as an independent nation-state, was as seminal a moment as it was sensational. We chose to take the reins of our destiny firmly in our hands, and pledged to forge a just and progressive nation from the rejected colonialism. We rose up in celebration of our right to sovereignty because we long desired to live within a democratic state that was respectful of the rights of citizenship.

President Obama is back from Africa. So what is the biggest news of the trip besides his dancing? Barack said while he was in Africa on his trip to Kenya this past week that he is a very good President and could win another 4 years. I say thank God for the 22nd Amendment that prevents him from doing so.