The all powerful media and the scientists have created a worldwide hysteria and catastrophe, that the new strain of the coronavirus will kill you if you are infected with it. This is an overreaction to the virus, and it is time to compare it to other diseases, and bring logic and informational data to the conversation.

“81 countries have not reported any #COVID 19 cases, and 57 countries have reported 10 cases or less. We cannot say this loudly enough, or clearly enough, all countries can still change the course of the pandemic,” says Dr. Tedros –of the World Health Organization.

Almost every day in Orlando, and in Black neighborhoods across our country, our youth are fighting each other, and it makes no-sense. This fighting has reached epidemic proportions, when gangs of youth go into someone’s house and continue to fight. Principles, morals, and respect no longer exist in these teen’s thinking and they are behaving like heathens.

On Jan. 31, the same day the administration of United States President Donald Trump issued a proclamation on National African American History Month 2020, which partly stated: “our great Nation is strengthened and enriched by citizens of every race, religion, color, and creed,” the administration also brazenly issued a travel ban on various nationals from several African and predominantly Muslim countries.

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