On Jan. 30, after enduring what was an aggravating and painful State of the Union (SOTU) address by United States President Donald Trump, I tuned in to Jimmy Kimmel, hoping to lighten my mood with his Stormy Daniels interview.

Everywhere you look in Donald Trump’s cabinet and administration, there is a scandal and the rule of law is not being followed. According to the federal government, federal officers are supposed to fly coach whenever possible, and not be allowed to bill the government for pleasure trips.

To Winnie Mandela, we say take your well-earned rest as you transitioned from among us but never from us. We take solace in knowing she now sits among our “sheros” like Nanny of the Maroons, Mary Seacole the famous Jamaican-born British nurse, Honorable Louise Bennett-Coverley and many others whose lives have empowered and inspired us.

Dr. King was murdered by James Earl Ray on April 4, 1968, in Memphis Tennessee, at the Lorraine Motel. Most family members, close advisors, and supporters believe Dr. King’s death was a planned plot authorized by the American intelligence community to end his life. There are many theories and conspiracies on why Dr. King was killed, but from the very beginning of his mission, he understood that changing American injustice could cost him his life.

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