On Saturday, a family that was separated many times over was reunited. Upon crossing the border, all four family members were separated and sent to different facilities. Even after our client's mother and younger sister were reunified, our client remained detained at a South Florida shelter. He was not released to his mother because a court order required he be released to his father, the parent from whom he was separated at the time of their encounter with immigration officials.

 NEW YORK, NY. -  The full title of this episode is …

Falling Into Trump’s Trap AGAIN!

 Or it could have been something different …

MIAMI, FL. - While most in the Republican Party are silent as Donald Trump continues to make himself a big, fat global spectacle on the world stage, lost in the dissing of America’s allies and his love presser with Vladimir Putin, was his openly racist and xenophobic comments on immigration in Europe.

News Americas, MIAMI, FL: On May 28, 2018, a 35-year-old Brazilian mother and her son arrived at the U.S.’ southern border, seeking asylum. The mother, known only as W.R. in her court affidavit, had left Brazil on May 23, 2018, running away from an abusive husband and drug dealer, who had threatened her life and the life of her son, 9-year-old A.R.

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