Some people suffer and appear to be always burdened by the yoke of bad luck, leading one singer to pen: “If it wasn’t for bad luck, I wouldn’t have any luck at all.”

Jamaicans have another word for it - salt. I don’t know what the origin is, but salt is ascribed to someone who has bad luck, is jinxed, has ill workings foisted on him. There are those who fervently believe that not only individuals, but entire families can be salt, as they seem to suffer from maladies for generations.

By now, millions have viewed the anti-immigrant racist tirade of New York City lawyer Aaron Schlossberg at a Manhattan restaurant.

LAUDERHILL, Florida – Money sent to their homeland by Jamaicans living overseas, particularly in the United States, is being viewed as a “lifeline” which the Caribbean nation “couldn’t do without.”

NEW YORK, NY: I hope you will sympathize with me. I deserve it!

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