The Nike campaign and collusion hearing could make Colin Kaepernick wealthier and get Americans talking.  Though the Nike apparel company’s 30th anniversary ‘Just Do It’ campaign the nation can focus on issues that guide and divide us. 

NEW YORK, NY - Yes, my response to the spectacle we witnessed in Washington, D.C. today is to let every other media source write and broadcast endlessly about it.

NEW YORK, NY - Yesterday, September 27, 2018, many around the US and indeed globally, watched and heard directly from Professor Christine Margaret Blasey Ford during her first public senate hearing about the alleged sexual assault she suffered as a high school teenage at the hands of Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

There are three reasons why Florida should re-elect U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson.

He’s earned it.

Rick Scott hasn’t.

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