The U.S. has assured the world that its intensions are peaceful, with the Department of Defense issuing a statement Friday saying that, “the United States does not seek conflict with Iran, but we are postured and ready to defend U.S. forces and interests in the Region.”

President Donald Trump must be the biggest and best con man alive. He seems to be a Teflon individual, who has the ability to talk you out of your money, even though you know he is lying. Not only does he have the ability to talk you out of the money in your pocket, but he can fool you to take more money out of your bank account.

On Wednesday, William Barr, the attorney general, appeared before the Senate Judiciary Committee. Hours earlier, The Washington Post had reported that Robert Mueller, the special counsel, had sent Barr a letter in late March suggesting that Barr had misrepresented Mueller’s Russia report in his initial public summary of it. Facing the Senate, Barr was asked for an explanation. “The letter’s a bit snitty,” he replied, suggesting an underling had written it.

May is National Stroke Awareness Month, and it is very significant to me, because I am a stroke survivor. As a stroke survivor, I consider myself to be a miracle. One of my goals in life is to educate Americans (particularly Black Men), that 80% of strokes can be prevented with knowledge and education. Strokes have the potential to be a silent killer, and nearly 85% of all strokes that occur show no warning signs.

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