BROOKLYN, NY, Is this all there is …. The Donald Trump brain DEAD vision.

A world of fear and loathing that is HIS world. A President who appeals to the lowest instincts. We need inspiration to survive this “stranger” in The White House. Count the days when he is gone, gone, gone forever!

Scamming people out of their cash and possessions has been around a long time. Usually, the victims are criminals themselves.

“The U.S. government will continue to support Jamaica’s security forces and criminal justice system … It is in both of our countries’ interest to work together” –Rex Tillerson assures of Jamaica of his country’s intent during a visit the Caribbean nation recently. Tillerson was fired as United States secretary of state last month.

News Americas, MIAMI, FL: Will the real Donald Trump please stand up?  In the past few months, El Trumpeto has gone from insisting that he wants a deal on immigration and DACA to saying no DACA deal what so ever; and he has gone from a campaign of touting his wall to a fence and now to a wall of National Guard troops.

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