What to Expect from the Trump Camp. 

Ask anyone what they think of Donald Trump and you are guaranteed one of two reactions: “He is great” (I admire his guts, love his strength and honesty) or “he is awful” (he is a disgusting, self-serving bigot and demagogue). When he said, “What have you got to lose?” During the campaign Trump didn’t move many African Americans. He got less than 8 percent of the black vote, while Hillary Clinton ran away with 88 percent, winning 94 percent of black women and 80 percent of black men,

Dear Mr. TrumpSoon you will be president of the United States. As a once-undocumented-immigrant-turned-United States-citizen and immigrant voter, I listened with shock and dismay the verbiage that spewed from your mouth at your election campaign rallies on immigrants and immigration. I also watched with horror, the response from the many mostly white supporters in your audience at the time to the “deport them all” and “big wall plan”.

Let’s eat. Aren’t those great words to hear, especially if you conveniently happen to visit some friends on a Sunday evening, say around dinner time? Most people don’t dine formally anymore. What they do is hope for a wedding invitation or a funeral, where they know that food will be aplenty. So much has been said about food, and yet we hardly hear about the sin of gluttony. Imagine serving eternity in Hell for eating too much? Many - fat, slim, short, tall, rich or poor - are besotted with food.

Fresh faces in prominent places emerged during 2016. Governments changed hands. The political landscape, and even the weather, became increasingly volatile. But a predictable figure from the Caribbean remained dominant, forcing the world to stand and salute the region. That’s why Jamaica’s sensational athlete Usain Bolt is the Caribbean’s 2016 “Person of the Year”.

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