It’s great if you can live long and still be healthy.

So many persons try to get fit and stay fit by whatever means possible.

As United States President Donald Trump’s administration works to reverse all of former President Barack Obama’s policies and programs, it should come as no surprise that his team is trying to repeal affirmative action.

NEW YORK, NY:  The Democratic Party has an “opioid” kind of problem.

MIAMI, FL: While Donald Trump has moved away from talking about the family separation crisis he created and is back to equating immigrants from Central America seeking asylum in this country, to MS-13 gang members, his administration failed to again reach a court order deadline of July 26, 2018 to reunite the children it snatched away coldly from their parents under his draconian and racist zero-tolerance policy. Here are ten fast facts to note on this rapidly changing and hot button issue:

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