NEW YORK, NY: Once again the United Sates should FOLLOW Canada’s lead …

MIAMI, FL: On a day when US justice department lawyers for the government had the audacity to put the responsibility of finding deported parents of the children who were snatched from their arms by border agents on the American Civil Liberties Union, Ivanka Trump sat down for an interview with Axios’ Mike Allen and proved, if nothing else, that hypocrisy can be inherited.

The one thing for which the Obama administration deserves historical acclaim is their work in keeping the U.S. auto industry alive and thriving.
Much of Barack Obama’s tenure has been more symbol than substance, but credit should go to Obama for saving America’s society and economy. In 2010, President Barack Obama reached out to Detroit’s auto industry in the form of an $80 billion-dollar bailout that set about much impact. 

The role of Caribbean Americans in the United States electoral process is important. CaribbeanToday sought the views of community members about that role in the upcoming elections and U.S. politics in general. We highlight the views of two: Winston Barnes and Marlon Hill.

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