MIAMI, FL, Here’s a shocking fact of U.S. immigration law that many may not know. While even the most heinous murderer has a right to a court-appointed counsel in these United States, there’s no such right in immigration proceedings for immigrants – even if they are a young child.

LONDON, England, Over the next two weeks, Ministers, officials, non-governmental organizations, corporate lobbyists and protestors from around the world will assemble in Katowice, Poland. There, whether inside or outside the conference halls, they will participate in the twenty-fourth United Nations led Climate Change Conference, known as COP24.

LONDON, England, Fri. Nov. 30, 2018: In just over a week’s time on 2 December, COP24, the 2018 United Nations Climate Change Conference will take place in Katowice in Poland. In the two days before the G20, the grouping of the world’s most powerful states, will meet in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

NEW YORK, NY. - The first of my four weeks of Christmas episodes. “On the first week of Christmas my true self came to me ……….”

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