This morning as I awakened I was informed that Robert Mogabe had died at age 95. Out living Ian Smith, his captor for more than 23 years. Outliving Joshua Nkomo, who he shared a spotted path with.Having met the man on several occasions his slight stature and articulate presentation impressed me. Nkomo was over 7 feet tall. I am guessing that Robert Mogabe was just under 5 foot 11” and appeared shorter.

There is a terrible record in Texas for police brutality and killings of Blacks and people of color. Just recently a fired police officer was sentenced to 15 years in prison for the murdering of a Black teen, Jordan Edwards. Roy Oliver, a white officer was found guilty of shooting into a car full of Blacks teenagers leaving a party.

In response to the projected arrival of Hurricane Dorian, I signed a declaration that initiates a State of Emergency for the City of Miramar. I urge all Miramar residents to begin your hurricane preparedness immediately and in order to assist you and your families, I have provided links below to the City's Official Hurricane Preparedness Guide Miramar Hurricane, City of Miramar - Notify Me Emergency Notification System and my Social Media Accounts for the latest in advisories. 

The officials will admit there is a lead crisis in the drinking water, in certain parts of the city in Newark New Jersey. This story appears to be similar to the one in Flint, because the city’s officials are in denial about the lead levels in the drinking water. Testing suggest Newark has some of the highest tap water lead levels of any large US city.

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