The festive season is here and many people seek companionship. Isn’t that why people seek each other - to gain companionship, have a meaningful relationship, fall in love and live happily ever after?

For 30 years Caribbean Today has shone light on issues of importance to the Caribbean community.It’s been a long and inspired journey.

When the Republicans are calling for a Democratic governor to step down from his office because of a racist photo, something must be horrific and shocking. Virginia Governor Ralph Northam during Black History month (February 2nd, 2019) acknowledged that a photo in his 1984 Eastern Virginia Medical College yearbook was him dressed in a KKK outfit or blackface.

There is a fundamental problem in America, and it starts with the leadership, which is the current President of the United States - Donald Trump. The president refuses to tell the truth, and negotiate in good faith, so the majority of what he says during the shutdown has already been rejected and unacceptable.

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