MIAMI, FL: Fellow Leo, Chris Cuomo, spent two nights last week during his ‘Closing Argument’ segment on ‘Cuomo Prime Time,’ speaking to the strength of immigration and diversity in America and sharing his own family’s immigrant story.

Last month’s Transportation Planning Organization (TPO) meeting was, at best, disappointing. The TPO, made-up of Miami-Dade County Commissioners plus local elected officials, convened on July 19 to review and vote on a locally preferred mode of transit for the South Dade Corridor.

In the Black community in 2018, the overall academic achievement of African American males is appallingly low, and there should be a call to action nationwide. It is time to restore an appreciation of the role of education with young Black men and women in our community.

NEW YORK, NY: Once again the United Sates should FOLLOW Canada’s lead …

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