For over eighty minutes, President Trump preached to the American public and legislators with lofty words, which made you think, that he is a leader with integrity. Our president has made some mistakes, but based on his second State of the Union Address, he has seen the light. He now believes by working with a bipartisan collaborative team, the divisions in the country will suddenly disappear.

The irony is, people who reach the so-called golden years are often put in institutions with the same beguiling, gilt edged names such as Golden Age Home, Golden Acres, Golden Springs.

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Imagine disaster early warning systems using the latest tools offered by artificial intelligence and augmented reality.

What is a high brown though? It’s the term used to describe someone, usually a woman, who is negro by race, but fair skinned, light complexion, and not darker than a brown paper bag.

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