MIAMI, FL, Fri. Nov. 9, 2018: The much-anticipated midterm elections are now over, but what undoubtedly remains is the ever-growing divide in the nation, stoked by racism, xenophobia and nativist politics from the alt-right and its self-confessed nationalist-in-chief.

NEW YORK – Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams has described as “ludicrous” a proposal by the administration of President Donald Trump to deny permanent residency status or re-entry to the United States to Caribbean and other immigrants who receive some form of public assistance — including food stamps, Medicaid, public housing or rent vouchers.

Every story has three sides - her side, your side and the real truth. Men have been accused of all sorts of indiscretions against women for centuries, with the most egregious being rape. Now all that has evolved and it’s no longer only rape, but anything that even hints at sexual impropriety.

NEW YORK, NY, Fri. Nov. 9, 2018:  Look at this photo. LOOK AT THIS PHOTO!! LOOK AGAIN!!! This is what it looks like when dying from starvation. This is how 7-year-old Amal Hussaun DIED last week in Yemen. Why??? For no good reason at all.

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