In his book “The Case For Democracy” Refusenik, Natan Sharansky points out that there are really only two types of societies, Free Societies and Fear Societies.

As the Property Appraisers for Florida’s three largest counties, we urge all voters to pay close attention to Amendment 2 on the upcoming November ballot. The amendment asks voters whether to make permanent a 10 percent limit on the annual increase in assessed value of a non-homestead property. A “yes” vote will avert a sudden and largely unexpected tax crisis for more than 530,000 residential and business property owners in Palm Beach, Miami-Dade and Broward counties.

When disaster strikes, the Broward Sheriff’s Office is ready, willing and able to lend a helping hand to those in need at a moment’s notice—no matter where or when it occurs. From the heart of Broward to the people in need in the Carolinas and the Florida Panhandle, BSO was there to assist in whatever manner was needed during this deadly and catastrophic 2018 hurricane season.

LONDON, England - Until very recently the suggestion that Artificial Intelligence (AI), could be applied to tourism was likely to be seen by most in the industry as something close to science fiction.

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