Where is the rage from the Black Community on the impeachment of President Donald Trump? The Black community in 2019 appears to be invisible and lethargic when it comes to politics, and as a collaborative force no one seems to care.

Greetings to my fellow nationals and friends! What a year this has been marked with both challenges and accomplishments.  As we give God thanks for the success, we pray for His continued blessings and the courage to pursue our personal development and that of our homeland.

As President Donald Trump is impeached in the House, and gets off in the Senate, the system is broken. There is no explanation on how the president can use the power of his office to break the law, while his party accepts and supports his lies. It is very difficult to determine which party is telling the truth, when Trump is not removed from office.

“Voting rights advocates and civil rights groups filed the federal challenge shortly after DeSantis signed into law a measure (SB 7066) that requires felons to pay ‘legal financial obligations,’ such as restitution, fines and fees, to be eligible to have their voting rights restored. The plaintiffs in the case allege the state law imposes an unconstitutional ‘poll tax’ and violates a number of other constitutional rights,” says the News Service of Florida.

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