“In a strained 30 minute speech, President Trump told hundreds of leaders of historically Black Colleges and Universities who were gathered for an annual conference that no other administration has done more for them than his. He called HBCUs pillars of excellence and engines of advancement, and said his administration was protecting and promoting and supporting HBCUs like never before,” says Lauren Camera – reporter of US News.

The officials will admit there is a lead crisis in the drinking water, in certain parts of the city in Newark New Jersey. This story appears to be similar to the one in Flint, because the city’s officials are in denial about the lead levels in the drinking water. Testing suggest Newark has some of the highest tap water lead levels of any large US city.

On September 3, 2019 Hurricane Dorian, a powerful and deadly tempest struck the Bahamas, devasting the island of Grand Bahamas, killing at least 43 and bringing ruin and destruction to over 79,000 residents.

The House Oversight Committee has launched an investigation into whether President Trump has personally enriched his family, and his company. Many in the country are extremely angry about these incidents, but the reason most candidates run for office on any level is to improve their financial status.

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