When the Republicans are calling for a Democratic governor to step down from his office because of a racist photo, something must be horrific and shocking. Virginia Governor Ralph Northam during Black History month (February 2nd, 2019) acknowledged that a photo in his 1984 Eastern Virginia Medical College yearbook was him dressed in a KKK outfit or blackface.

There is a fundamental problem in America, and it starts with the leadership, which is the current President of the United States - Donald Trump. The president refuses to tell the truth, and negotiate in good faith, so the majority of what he says during the shutdown has already been rejected and unacceptable.

2019 is important to African American Men, because the opportunities are boundless and amazing. If you can conceive it, you can achieve it. The only barrier holding Black men back is preparation, knowledge, and education. The challenge for Black men is Black manhood.

As America celebrates the New Year, the federal government is experiencing a partial shutdown for 16 days at the writing of this article. The partial shutdown could be resolved in the next week or the next day, but there is a standoff, and our leadership must compromise.

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