There are few issues more important to the security of the United States than the potential spread of nuclear weapons, or the potential for even more destructive war in the Middle East. That’s why the United States negotiated the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) in the first place.

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY: On Tuesday, April 25, 2018, a third federal judge handed the Donald Trump administration another loss on the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA, as it is known, giving DREAMers and advocates, new hope. Here are 10 things to know about the recent ruling and how it impacts immigrants of this program:

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY: Thomas Friedman commands huge audiences with his Observations. Today, Tom Friedman is receiving a distinct honor, being featured in this episode of Trump’s America. Yes, being featured for the first time ever here! He never made an appearance in Obama’s America.

PHILADELPHIA--After  constructive conversations,  and mediation before a retired federal judge in Philadelphia, Donte Robinson, Rashon Nelson and Kevin Johnson, ceo of Starbucks Coffee Company (NASDAQ: SBUX), reached a settlement agreement earlier this week that will allow both sides to move forward and continue to talk and explore means of preventing similar occurrences at any Starbucks location.

The agreement between the parties stems from the arrest of Robinson and Nelson at a Starbucks store in Philadelphia on April 12 and includes a confidential financial settlement as well as a commitment to continued listening and dialogue between the parties as a means toward developing specific actions and opportunities.

As Johnson said previously, “I want to thank Donte and Rashon for their willingness to reconcile. I welcome the opportunity to begin a relationship with them to share learnings and experiences. And Starbucks will continue to take actions that stem from this incident to repair and reaffirm our values and vision for the kind of company we want to be.”

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