LONDON, England, Thurs. Nov. 15, 2018: For some years now, several smaller Caribbean governments have been interested in increasing the number of shared embassies overseas in which one ambassador jointly represents jointly several nations. The idea principally arises out of a desire to make cost savings when it comes to establishing a presence in second tier nations which for political or economic reasons a group of nations want representation in.

In 2018, all Americans would like to believe that racism is over, and the society is moving toward equality and certain inalienable rights for everyone. Both parties, the Democrats and Republicans should respect every American based on the content of their character, as opposed to the color of their skin. But with the election in 2016, President Donald Trump is the leader of the Republican Party, and it is going in the wrong direction.

Sad news today, the loss of Stan Lee. Given the success of today's Marvel movies and the ongoing comic books, it might be said that Stan the Man is the greatest creator of iconic characters who ever lived.

“Here, a story like mine is possible,” says Lauren Underwood. “A regular middle-class woman working full-time is able to figure out how to get on the ballot, walk around knock on doors, get signatures, and ends up winning an election. That story is not possible in every country.

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