Last week Robert Muller’s testimony was history in the making depending on what side of the fence you were on, in terms of a National Party. If you were a Democrat, you will probably think you won, and if you are a Republican, you will say nothing has changed.

In 2019, most Blacks and people of color would like to believe that, “There is Not a Racist Bone in My Body” was an accurate statement in America. With the first African American President, Black businesses in every major city, and Black political officials in federal, state, and local municipalities, diversity is a reality. With all these achievements in one of the greatest countries in the world, there is a major divide.

Orlando is a beautiful place to live, but only if you can afford some of the highest rents in the country. “In other words, thanks to inaction on local and federal levels, Orlando’s affordable housing crisis is about to get a lot worse before it gets any better,” says Colin Wolf – blogger for the Orlando Weekly.

In one of the greatest countries in the world, Americans are always getting confused and mixed up with semantics. It is very easy to justify a behavior or a system, when the words identify something else, instead of something that is happening right now.

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