As President Donald Trump makes more statements that make no sense, and are not based on facts, his base supports him more passionately. Many would think that White people would not trust Trump, because they know he lies, but his fan base is growing. Over 50% of White women support the president, and 80% of White men support him.

“We’re doing very well in tourism at this particular time. And the travel advisory which we interpret (should be) one to inform one’s citizens to be aware of problems as opposed to initiate fear” - Dr. Hubert Minnis, prime minister of The Bahamas, says United States President Donald Trump has promised to “look into”  controversial travel advisories issued by his country and affecting several Caribbean destinations.

Last month, United States President Donald Trump indulged in his favorite “executive” pastime. He took to Twitter to castigate “the Fake News Media” for “working overtime to blame (him) for the horrible attack in New Zealand.”

“The passage of Amendment 4 was a political, ethical, and moral victory especially, for Blacks, and people of color in Florida. As many different organizations and different individuals take their victory lap, everyone must remember that the battle is not over,” as I wrote in a previous article, called “Amendment 4 Has Passed and Implementation Questions Start”.

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