As President Trump appoints his second Supreme Court nominee in less than two years since he was elected, he will personally determine the ideology and direction of the country for decades. Elections have consequences, and since fifty to sixty percent of Americans didn’t vote, it is too late to complain once the results are in.

Who has had economic impact across black communities similar to Jesse Jackson? At their 191st, convention celebration the Black Press of America presented a “Lifetime Legacy Award” to Rev. Jesse Louis Jackson warts and all.

As Trump’s administration works to reverse all of Obama’s policies and programs, it should come as no surprise that his team is trying to repeal Affirmative Action. According to Wikipedia, Affirmative Action is the policy of a country protecting members of groups that have suffered from discrimination.

We were all told to do good deeds when we were children, for “God will bless you and good will follow you when you do good unto others.”

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