Many political experts and pundits will admit that their polls were wrong, when they discuss which Democratic candidate would win the Florida governor’s primary election. When a candidate like Jeff Greene comes into a campaign and spends $34 million, and Philip Levine spends $28 million, you must begin to ask the question, “Is politics a game only rich men play?”

News Americas, MIAMI, FL, Fri. Aug. 31, 2018: A lot has been written and said about Senator John Sidney McCain, III, in the past few days since his death on the afternoon of August 25, 2018. But few have focused on McCain, the Republican advocate for comprehensive, bi-partisan immigration reform.

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. August 31, 2018: You might not think President Trump and Pope Francis have much in common. Think again. Or just sit back and I will tell you. It revolves around the most important word of right now.

When firefighters escorted me out of our home at age seven, I had know idea it had to do with my mother going up against the almost entirely white wealthy political establishment. What turned out to be a midnight bomb threat also turned into my introduction to the assumptions about us and the extra mile Black candidates are made to run when they choose to run for office. Thirty years later, Andrew Gillum in Florida is the latest to have had to run it.

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