Back in the days when a man beat his wife and the wife beat the children and the children beat the dog, was that considered abuse, or mere punishment, the administering of justice?

What is causing this resurgence in hate and making so many white nationalists and supremacists so mad at immigrants and people of color in the United States that they are ready to kill again?

“We must, and we will rebuild, and restore Grand Bahama and Abaco stronger and more resilient. We are one Bahamas. When any part of our nation is affected, we are all affected. In rebuilding Abaco and Grand Bahama, we are restoring our Commonwealth”- Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis vows The Bahamas will recover from Hurricane Dorian.

Now, between the genders, boys seem to be more spirited, rambunctious, adventurous, rowdy, exciting, daring and troublesome.

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