May 14, 2017 - A zombie argument is one that seems to be long dead until somebody brings it back to life. Barack Obama’s post-presidency has raised a zombie argument: How should ex-presidents dress and behave? “Barack! Get back here — we need you!,” somebody posted on Richard Branson’s Facebook page after video went viral of Obama kitesurfing with the Virgin Group founder in the Virgin Islands.
PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania - As April 29 drew closer, marking the first 100 days of Donald Trump’s term as United States president, scrutiny on his performance ramped up appreciably, especially among Caribbean nationals in the U.S.
The disparity has always been huge in how Latin American leaders stand up for their diaspora versus their Caribbean counterparts. It’s almost like Jesus and the money changers!
You should dance with the one that bring you.  According to News One broadcasts, black woman are aggravated that the Shea Moisture people are seeking to expand across color lines. Millions of blacks can see themselves as the base of Shea Moisture marketplace. But, there’s nothing wrong with a black company doing “crossover” marketing. Blacks need to be “educated consumers” guided by racial identity and loyalty.
Go Ahead; Call Me A Racist!  News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. May 12, 2017: Did you know President Andrew Jackson could have single handedly prevented the Civil War if he had lived longer, according to President Trump? Yes, indeed. By throwing all the non-slave states out of the Union! Of course Trump did not say that exactly; as usual he makes crazy statements that he does not explain as though he is still mouthing off on The Apprentice.
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