The U.S. ranks among the second-tier of countries when it comes to education.  We spend significantly more on education than other first world countries.  American blacks' education and institutions are rife with problems.  More than 60 years after Brown vs. Board of Education, America's education and schools are separate and unequal.
News Americas, MAIMI, FL, Fri. Nov. 3, 2017: The Donald Trump administration – not content it seems on ridding the country of the “bad hombres,” dreamers, TPS immigrant recipients, refugees and undocumented immigrants, has now turned its xenophobic wrecking ball on the foreign-born, green-card holding service members of the U.S. military.
Monsters have invaded the Earth and they live in America. And Washington is doing nothing to protect us.
News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. Oct. 27, 2017: Label this week my annual HALLOWEEN episode because Halloween will be over by next episode and I never want to miss writing about this major holiday. But you will not learn why this is a Halloween story until the very end of this episode so do not peak ENJOY the journey there first …
News Americas, LONDON, England, Tues. Oct. 24, 2017: In most Organization of Eastern Caribbean States, (OECS) nations, citizenship is available at a cost.
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