“You will go through many trials and obstacles in life and I want to tell you it’s not because of your heart but the color of your skin. But just like people before your time, you will overcome.” My grandmother told me that randomly one day when I was young, but I never really understood the severity in what she said.  Growing up a young black man, there are things that I wouldn’t have had the luxury of doing if there were not pioneers before me who paved the way.

Many Americans think President Donald Trump is not competent enough to be one of the most powerful men on the planet, but he is. Many think he is a double agent with the Russians, but they cannot prove it. Others think he has mental health issues, but he is still their boss, and the leader of the free world.

For over eighty minutes, President Trump preached to the American public and legislators with lofty words, which made you think, that he is a leader with integrity. Our president has made some mistakes, but based on his second State of the Union Address, he has seen the light. He now believes by working with a bipartisan collaborative team, the divisions in the country will suddenly disappear.

The irony is, people who reach the so-called golden years are often put in institutions with the same beguiling, gilt edged names such as Golden Age Home, Golden Acres, Golden Springs.

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