President Trump is taking victory laps around the country, and the Republicans are giving each other high fives, after a four page letter from the Attorney General, William Barr. James Brooks a Trump supporter,” We love Trump, he is the most faithful and honest President ever, and now is the time to go after the people who stabbed him in the back and tried to take down our great country. We love you Donald.” Allen Moser, a Trump supporter, “Trump is the greatest president since John F. Kennedy; we need him again in 2020.”

Boston, MA - A representative from the office of U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) delivered the following statement on the Senator's behalf at a rally, held by Vamos4PR, to protest the use of public pension funds to pay off Puerto Rico's debt:

As your sheriff, my number one priority will always be to keep our community safe. In a short time, we have made significant changes toward restructuring the agency and directing our efforts toward providing the highest level of public safety service the Broward County community expects and deserves. We have begun by implementing smart personnel changes, instituting a variety of significant training measures, introducing new crime-fighting initiatives, maximizing transparency and encouraging communication.

“The passage of Amendment 4 was a political, ethical, and moral victory especially, for Blacks, and people of color in Florida. As many different organizations and different individuals take their victory lap, everyone must remember that the battle is not over,” as I wrote in a previous article, called “Amendment 4 Has Passed and Implementation Questions Start.”

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