News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, - This week’s episode brings back ……

Barack Obama center stage to slug it out with Donald Trump over a long dead African-American mega sports hero, the Legendary Jack Johnson.

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY,  - A Good Idea is a Good Idea for Republicans and Democrats!

Paul Ryan has a very important idea for Nancy Pelosi

MIAMI, FL. - It is a known fact that a major concern in every decennial Census is getting immigrants and populations of color across the US to fill out and return the form. In immigrant and black communities, Census officials often spend a lot of time and effort on forming partnerships with community groups to garner trust to ensure immigrants and African-Americans especially understand the importance of the Census and the need for them to respond.

BROOKLYN, NY, Is this all there is …. The Donald Trump brain DEAD vision.

A world of fear and loathing that is HIS world. A President who appeals to the lowest instincts. We need inspiration to survive this “stranger” in The White House. Count the days when he is gone, gone, gone forever!

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