Gas prices in America have increased 25% since the tax deal was passed and signed by the president in late December, 2017. This is the highest increase since late 2014, when the cost of a barrel of gasoline was $100. The cost of a barrel is now $80. Americans will be going on vacation, and the price of gasoline is going in the wrong direction.

Today we celebrate Haitian Flag Day, and the immeasurable accomplishments of the Haitian Diaspora who have strengthened our country with their ideas, hard work, character, and creativity. Icons like Viter Juste, the father of Little Haiti, and W.E.B. DuBois have greatly contributed to our country’s civic, artistic, political, scientific and sports worlds.

New York , New York - ABC news published previously sealed video evidence from Mark Myrie's 2010 trial on drug-related charges. This excerpt of old surveillance footage was leaked to the internet just as Myrie, known to music lovers as Buju Banton, is preparing to return home after nearly a decade behind bars. 

News Americas, MIAMI, Fl: While the focus last week was put on John Kelly’s hateful and ignorant comment that most immigrants who come to the US today have no skills and are unable to easily assimilate into the United States’ “modern society,” another major policy change that will affect immigrants slipped by many.

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