As President Donald Trump is impeached in the House, and gets off in the Senate, the system is broken. There is no explanation on how the president can use the power of his office to break the law, while his party accepts and supports his lies. It is very difficult to determine which party is telling the truth, when Trump is not removed from office.

“Voting rights advocates and civil rights groups filed the federal challenge shortly after DeSantis signed into law a measure (SB 7066) that requires felons to pay ‘legal financial obligations,’ such as restitution, fines and fees, to be eligible to have their voting rights restored. The plaintiffs in the case allege the state law imposes an unconstitutional ‘poll tax’ and violates a number of other constitutional rights,” says the News Service of Florida.

BRIDGETOWN, Barbados –Caribbean countries are being urged to do more to deal with the issue of violence against women.

“There will be no moving on as though nothing happened. We are not listening to that kind of talk. The world knows what happened to our people during slavery because it is well documented”- Jamaica’s Minister Without Portfolio in the Office of the Prime Minister  Mike Henry makes it clear his government does not intend to back down from its push for reparation for the descendants of the enslaved.

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