There is something in President Trump’s presidency that is rotten to the core. There has always been the lying, the cheating, and being disrespectful, which indicated that he had no soul. But the longer he stays in office, everyone and everything around him is destroyed and corrupted.

His association with criminals is not new to his family, because his father associated with mobsters, criminals and thieves. But the secret to Trump’s millions in New York was that he worked with the largest and most vicious criminal mafia bosses in the history of the United States to build his buildings.

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, On the second week of Christmas President Trump came to me ….”

It’s Christmas Time and of course President Trump has gifts for you….

And for you and for you and for you and for EVERY American.

MIAMI, FL, Here’s a shocking fact of U.S. immigration law that many may not know. While even the most heinous murderer has a right to a court-appointed counsel in these United States, there’s no such right in immigration proceedings for immigrants – even if they are a young child.

LONDON, England, Over the next two weeks, Ministers, officials, non-governmental organizations, corporate lobbyists and protestors from around the world will assemble in Katowice, Poland. There, whether inside or outside the conference halls, they will participate in the twenty-fourth United Nations led Climate Change Conference, known as COP24.

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