Last month, United States President Donald Trump indulged in his favorite “executive” pastime. He took to Twitter to castigate “the Fake News Media” for “working overtime to blame (him) for the horrible attack in New Zealand.”

“The passage of Amendment 4 was a political, ethical, and moral victory especially, for Blacks, and people of color in Florida. As many different organizations and different individuals take their victory lap, everyone must remember that the battle is not over,” as I wrote in a previous article, called “Amendment 4 Has Passed and Implementation Questions Start”.

President Donald Trump is a Narcissist, who has no concept of truth and integrity. Every week there is a new scandal, and from the very first day of President Trump’s election, it was evident that he was a global criminal with a network of racketeering around the world. In a country where everyone would like to believe “In God We Trust,” this President has made a mockery of everything that is sacred and pure.

Some say it’s a man’s world: That man rules and women are second class and are often disenfranchised.

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