LONDON, England: Three weeks ago, Trinidad and Venezuela reached an agreement on the supply of gas from the latter’s Dragon Field, through the creation of 17-km undersea pipeline that will link it to the National Gas Company of Trinidad’s off-shore Hibiscus Platform.

In the 2018 election, almost every candidate across the country agree, that there is a need for prison reform in the US. It is extremely ironic, that a group of Black preachers would be invited to the White House with a meeting with President Trump, and they would make statements that the administration is doing a great job with prison reform.

NEW YORK, NY. None of my readers will be surprised by CORRUPTION.

NEW YORK, NY. By now many have heard the sad case of another black man shot by a U.S. police officer, this time an upstanding legal Caribbean immigrant with a stellar future ahead of him and from an upstanding family.

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