I am an unapologetic admirer of the American media, for here the major media houses employ some of the most fearless, independent and determined journalists and give them a free rein and the necessary resources to get to the bottom of matters of public interest, regardless of where the chips fall.
Florida Power & Light Company (FPL) is working hard to further advance affordable clean energy in ways that can benefit everyone in our community. FPL recently announced that four new solar farms began powering FPL customers at the beginning of this year and another four are on track to complete construction by spring 2018 with combined energy generation to power 120,000 homes.
New York, NY – The Department of Homeland Security announced on January 8, 2018 that it will terminate Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for El Salvador. 200,000 Salvadorans will not be covered by TPS after September 9, 2019. Salvadorans with this immigration designation have been allowed to live and work legally in the United States since a pair of devastating earthquakes hit the country in 2001.
The United States ranks among the second-tier of countries when it comes to education. We spend significantly more on education than other First World countries.
Afrocentricity International condemns in the loudest voice possible the ignorant racist comments of Donald Trump the President of the United States of America about Haiti and African nations. Trump’s assault on the Haitian people, the people of El Salvador, and the African continent confirms him as the leading white supremacist in the political arena. He has surpassed even the racist Le Pen family of France in his vitriol against other people.
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