For decades, Miami-Dade County has welcomed immigrant families, laborers, and entrepreneurs from the Caribbean region.  National Caribbean-American Heritage Month is an opportunity to celebrate the enduring contributions and achievements of these persons, and those who may trace their heritage to the region, to the landscape and vibrancy of our nation and County. 

The “Decarceration Collective” was founded in 2016 by MiAngel Cody, with a mission to defend federal prisoners serving life for drugs. They serve as a premier collaboration of lawyers, community organizers, and criminal justice policy consultants working together to dismantle a system that has put nonviolent drugs offenders in prison for life.

The U.S. has assured the world that its intensions are peaceful, with the Department of Defense issuing a statement Friday saying that, “the United States does not seek conflict with Iran, but we are postured and ready to defend U.S. forces and interests in the Region.”

President Donald Trump must be the biggest and best con man alive. He seems to be a Teflon individual, who has the ability to talk you out of your money, even though you know he is lying. Not only does he have the ability to talk you out of the money in your pocket, but he can fool you to take more money out of your bank account.

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