A number of black people born in the United States of America - many of whom not only simultaneously insist they are not Africans, but also ironically and simultaneously insist on being referred to as African Americans - have begun to insist they are the only people who deserve reparations in America.

In just over two weeks, there will be an election in Orlando for Mayor of the city. There are two Black candidates, Commissioner Samuel Ings, and Aretha Simons, against the incumbent Mayor Buddy Dyer. Mayor Dyer has been in his position for 16 years, and it appears that he will win again on 11-5-2019.

Back in the days when a man beat his wife and the wife beat the children and the children beat the dog, was that considered abuse, or mere punishment, the administering of justice?

What is causing this resurgence in hate and making so many white nationalists and supremacists so mad at immigrants and people of color in the United States that they are ready to kill again?

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