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British Cabbies to Cruise and Push, Saint Lucia


Brand Saint Lucia in Britain
After years of speaking of the wonders of the island, tourist officials want to accelerate the promotional drive of selected London cabbies - by flying them to Saint Lucia.

The drivers of three Saint Lucia-branded taxis in London have begun experiencing Saint Lucia's legendary experiences first hand.

The drivers, all revved up to participate in a novel Saint Lucia Tourist Board (SLTB)-coordinated familiarisation trip, will see them cruising and exploring the most attractive and interesting facets of the island.

Explaining the innovative move, SLTB's Vice President of Marketing and Sales Nerdin St. Rose points out that familiarization trips usually target travel agents and journalists, however, the Saint Lucia Tourist Board thought it was important to sharpen the knowledge of taxi drivers since they come into contact with so many consumers, and potential tourists, on a daily basis.

Studies show some 60 passengers ride in a London taxi every day so the improved product knowledge of taxi drivers will help strengthen Saint Lucian sales and marketing efforts in one of the world's wealthiest markets. In addition, she indicated "the knowledge gained of Saint Lucia's unique attributes will no doubt also filter to the drivers' family members and friends."

It is already educational for the drivers who, in order to qualify for the September 14 to 21 Saint Lucia trip, had to answer 10 questions about Saint Lucia, covering basic facts on the island as well as activities and special events.

Another condition is that drivers hand out either a special offer flyer or brochure from the host
hotel they are stationed at to their passengers following the trip to Saint Lucia. This will be done for two months, in October and November.

Apart from taking in the island's beautiful scenery, the drivers will also hold talks with their local counterparts.