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Travel Agents from across North America gathered at Sandals Golf & Country Club in Ocho Rios, Jamaica to launch the new Sandals Golf School powered by NikeGolf®
From January 8-11, 2009, seven travel agents from the United States and Canada were among the first to experience Sandals Resorts’ newly launched Sandals Golf School at the Sandals Golf & Country Club in Ocho Rios, Jamaica. The first of its kind for the destination, the Sandals Golf School offers both resort guests and the public with private lessons, multi-day training sessions and corporate golf retreats, as well as access to the latest amenities and technology designed to improve and enhance performance.
One of the controversial subway ads.
An advertising campaign by the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism last month created controversy in New York, with some subway riders objecting to the manner in which the islands are being promoted underground.
The ad campaign, running on at least one out of four subway cars in the city, is potentially in view of as many as five million subway riders. It is standing out, but not necessarily because it is getting people onto planes.

Cuba has become a tourism hotspot in the Caribbean.
There are favorable prospects for the region’s tourism sector this year, on the heels of a rocky 2005, which saw moderate growth overall.
The Caribbean Tourism Organisation (CTO) forecasts that business will turnaround and the region could expect growth to range between 2.5 percent and three percent this year.
Alec Sanguinetti
Alec Sanguinetti
, Puerto Rico – American citizens will now need passports to return home from the Caribbean from Dec. 31, 2006, instead of the Dec. 31, 2005 date that was originally proposed, Director General Officer of the Caribbean Hotel Association (CHA) Alec Sanguinetti has said.

Last year Washington announced that as of Dec. 31, 2005, all citizens traveling to the Caribbean would need passports to return home and the same rule would apply to those returning from Canada and Mexico by plane or ship, from Dec. 31, 2006.