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NEW YORK (June 13, 2012) - US Virgin Islands Commissioner of Tourism, Beverly Nicholson-Doty, has received an award by the Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO).

Commissioner Nicholson-Doty received the tourism organization's Allied Award in recognition of her contribution to the sustainable development of tourism in the Caribbean.

MIAMI – May 8, 2012 – The Holiday Inn SunSpree Resort Montego Bay paid tribute to one of its favorite and most frequent guests recently, honoring Ms. Daisy Bryan on the occasion of her 80th birthday. Pictured above with Ms. Daisy (center) is Jean-Marc Rousseau, General Manager (left) and Winsome Hooper, Guest Services Manager, who presented Ms. Daisy with a plaque commemorating her milestone birthday and continued patronage of the resort.

A native of Jamaica now living in Canada, "Ms. Daisy," as she is affectionately known among her hotel family, has been a frequent guest to the Holiday Inn SunSpree Resort for more that 30 years.

OCEAN Style has today announced the launch of OCEAN Style Elegant Escapes. The initiative will offer unique and appealing travel, lifestyle and entertainment experiences to a discerning consumer. The Escapes are tailored to the OCEAN Style audience offering an exceptional experience and compelling value proposition while ensuring valuable marketing exposure to their partners. The media company will work closely with hotels, spas, golf courses and other entities to put together a wide range of 'cool and chic' offerings with the aim of bringing great value to its readers, online audience and partners.

"We have great ideas for this initiative. Whether high-ticket or lower-priced offers, we want each one to deliver something different to our audience. We will start with one or two opportunities per month as we focus on creating something unique and different each time. The concept is neither novel nor complicated but we will differentiate our Elegant Escapes product by developing really new and innovative offers that appeal to our clients and bring value to our partners" stated OCEAN Style Editor in Chief, Douglas Gordon.

The Fond Doux Holiday Plantation resort in the old colonial town of Soufrière, St. Lucia has been awarded a top honor from one of the world's largest travel sites.

TripAdvisor, congratulating Fond Doux Holiday Plantation on earning the prestigious 2012 Certificate of Excellence award, noted: "Our travelers consistently commend your property with the highest praise, and we recognize your 4.5 rating as an exceptional achievement."

The Fond Doux owners were told by TripAdvisor: "Only the very best in the business are awarded a Certificate of Excellence - display yours proudly in a place where your guests can see it."