Going Dutch with Aruba’s Delicious Keshi Yena

Author  Edited from News Americas.

Try this tasty national dish of the Dutch Caribbean island Aruba at home. It’s the unique keshi yena. Here’s the recipe:

Webp.net resizeimage 30Ingredients

Scooped edam cheese rind

1 lb. chicken breasts

1 lb. chicken thighs

Salt and pepper

Poultry seasoning

Minced onion

4 quarts water

2 tsps. salt

12 peppercorns

1 or 2 onions

1 celery stalk with leaves bay leaf, bruised

3 tomatoes, peeled and chopped

4 onions, sliced

1 large green pepper, chopped

1tbls. parsley, minced, or a few drops tabasco sauce

2 tbls. ketchup

1/4 cup pimento olives, sliced

1 tbls. capers

1/4 cup raisins

2 tbls. piccalilli

3 eggs, reserving about six tbls.

1 or 2 hard-cooked eggs


For the chicken filling, rub with the juice of several limeschicken breasts and thighs. Season the breasts and thighs with salt, pepper, poultry seasoning and minced onion. Let stand for several hours, then either arrange the pieces in a shallow baking dish.

Brown the chicken under the broiler and then bake it for one hour at 350 degrees.De-bone when cool enough to handle and set aside.

After the chicken has been prepared, sautee two tablespoons butter, three tomatoes, peeled and chopped, four onions, sliced, a large green pepper, chopped; a tablespoonof parsley, minced, or a few drops tabasco sauce and salt and pepper.Add and stir in well along with twotablespoons of ketchup, a quarter cup of pimento olives, sliced, a tablespoon of capers, quarter cup of raisins and two tablespoons of piccalilli.Simmer until the tomatoes are reduced - about 20 or 30 minutes.Remove from heat and let mixture cool.

Preheat oven to 350 degrees and begin heating water in the bottom of a double boiler.Beat and add to the meat mixture, three eggs, reserving about sixtablespoons.

Generously butter a casserole or the top of a double boiler before placing the cheese shell in it.

Spoon three tablespoons of the reserved beaten egg into the bottom of the container. Half fill with the meat mixture and add one or two hard-cooked eggs.

Fill shell to the top with remaining meat and cover with the original cap of the Edam, from which the wax has been removed, or a few slices of cheese. (Never use soft young cheese for keshi yena.)

Drip the remaining three tablespoons of beaten egg over the top of the cheese as a sealer.

Place the lid on the double boiler.

Set the casserole in a pan of hot water or the double boiler top over the simmering water.

Cook for 75 minutes.

Reverse keshi yena on a heated platter and keep warm for the cheese becomes hard and unappetizing if permitted to cool.