Belizean Stewed Chicken

INGREDIENTS: 1 4-lb. Chicken cut into small pieces , 1 Clove garlic, 1 teasp. Thyme, salt, pepper , Cilantro , 1 tiny sliver of ginger ,2 tablsps. Chopped onions, 1 tablesp. Chopped green or red sweet pepper

Belizean Stewed Chicken1/4 teasp. Cumin ( cominos)

1 teasp. Brown sugar

1 small ripe tomato

Dime size red recado

Vinegar or lemon juice


Wash chicken pieces and season with, vinegar or lemon juice, red recado, salt, pepper, thyme, cumin, cilantro.  Heat 2 tablsps. Cooking oil, add brown sugar and watch carefully to avoid burning.  Let sugar cook until completely melted and turns dark brown.  Add clove of garlic that has been smashed and chopped as fine as possible.  Add ginger and fry, stirring, remove ginger when it gets brown.  Add chicken and brown properly on all sides.  Add remaining seasoning from chicken,  chopped onions, sweet pepper and tomato and add about a half cup of water.  Reduce heat to medium and cover pot.  Let simmer, adding water so that pot is never completely dry.  Cook for about 1 hour until chicken is very tender.  Belizean's favourite way to serve stewed chicken is with rice and beans.

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