In praise of super foods cultivated in the hills and valleys and backyards of Caribbean nationals, we will share what they are and their versatility in meal preparation and menus. The eight super foods are: yam, banana, yuca/cassava, coco, taro/dasheen, plantains, sweet potatoes and breadfruit. They are called super foods because they are largely carbohydrates that contain tons of essential minerals and vitamins, including iron, potassium, fiberglutathione, niacin and Vitamin C.
Caribbean bun and cheese is an Easter favorite.  For Christians in the Caribbean region and the Diaspora, Easter is a holy time. It brings to the end the Lenten season and starts the celebration of the resurrection of Christ after his crucifixion. It is also a time for friends and family to go to church to worship together and have large meals together! Kite flying is also a great pastime during the Easter season. The foods that are eaten during Easter vary from island to island but there are some items that are common among them. For example, buns are often eaten throughout the Caribbean region and the Diaspora.
Who said you have to travel to Europe or the U.S. for the best fine dining restaurants? South American restaurants are rising in the fine dining ranks. Here are the top 5 according to TripAdvisor:
Meat-less meals are now the rave. But this is a very normal way to eat in the Caribbean and among many persons in the Caribbean Diaspora, at least once or twice per week especially during the Lenten season. For many Catholics, preparing meatless meals in Fridays are a part of their Lenten pledge of personal sacrifice. This pledge would end after Good Friday.
Dumplings are a favorite food in Caribbean meals whether boiled, fried or even roasted. In general Caribbean dumplings are bland to the taste, making them versatile to pair with any cooked meats, fish or sauteed vegetables or even with melted butter. Recently I have seen changes to the Caribbean’s boiled and fried dumplings that I find very interesting and welcoming.
The annual competition will take place in Miami this June.  Amidst cheersand approving laughter in a room filled with budding chefs and bartenders, the Trinidad Hotels, Restaurants & Tourism Association (THRTA) announced the team of culinary experts selected to represent the twin island Republic at the prestigious ‘Taste of the Caribbean’ competition in Miami in June.
Recently I was asked by some of the readers of my column to list my 10 favorite Caribbean dishes. My 10 favorite Caribbean dishes are as follows:
Meat and potatoes never hurt anyone, especially Caribbean Americans looking to satisfy their hunger. So Publix Aprons Simple Meals and Caribbean Today present a pork steak mojito with island salad meal sure to fill them while satisfying their taste buds. Enjoy.
Caribbean cooking is just fine. But nothing’s wrong with spicing it up with some Spanish flavour, courtesy of Publix Aprons Simple Meals. 
Accomplished culinary professional René Yaron Cahane is the new executive head chef at The Landings St. Lucia. With more than 25 years of experience in Caribbean and British kitchens, Cahane joins the Caribbean luxury resort from Blue Waters Resort and Spa in Antigua where he served in a similar role.
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