Plantain leaves, Banana leaves or aluminum foil. For state-side folk: Plantain leaves can often can be found in ethnic grocery stores, look for: Pacific Islander, Thai, or Mexican stores.

Here’s a recipe popular in the Caribbean island of St. Lucia. It’s green fig or green banana salad. Give it a shot.

Here’s the recipe for the unusual, but delicious combination of fungie and saltfish buljolde that is most popular in Antigua and Barbuda.

NEW YORK – Golden Krust Caribbean Restaurants is giving consumers chance to sample their world-famous Jamaican patties for free, as they celebrate their 4th Annual National Jamaican Patty Day (NJPD) on August 4th from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. at its original location on Gun Hill Road in the Bronx. Hosted by the “King of Caribbean Comedy” Majah Hype and featuring a live performance by Sean Kingston as well as DJ MadOutspinning Caribbean beats, NJPD aims to celebrate the ‘Power of the Patty,’ and the vision of Golden Krust’s Founder Lowell Hawthorne to elevate the beauty of Jamaican cuisine and culture.