Coconut is an essential super food in Caribbean cuisine. It is used both in savoury and sweet dishes, in addition to providing the precious delectable super nutrient – coconut oil. In some of the sweet dishes prepared and served in the Caribbean region and diaspora, the making of coconut snacks (candies, tarts, rolls and breads) is popular. They are sweet and delicious.
Remember the sweet, nostalgic taste of ackee and saltfish, the ackee freshly picked from grandma’s overloaded backyard tree? And, what breakfast would be complete without a side of ripe banana fritters. Then topping off the day your favourite curried goat. These dishes are among 50 all-time Jamaican favourites featured in a new book series “50 Favourite Jamaican Recipes: Taste the Islands Essentials”.
I love ice cream – all flavours - and especially tropical fruit flavours. I also love making ice cream because I can add the flavours I like and add as much of these flavours I choose. For example, I love mango ice cream, rum and raisins, sour sop and banana. Because I am always researching recipes for various dishes to add to my repertoire as a caterer, I recently came across a “no churn homemade ice cream”. The recipe is simple and easy, requiring only two to four ingredients to produce a delicious dessert.
Fantastic Day of Food & Entertainment.  SUNRISE, FL - As Jamaican pop star Shaggy delivered his final hit to close the 15th Annual Grace Jamaican Jerk Festival, patrons headed home totally satiated from the day of feasting on an infinite variety delicious jerk foods, watching engaging cooking demos and competitions, and being thoroughly entertained-from the Cultural Stages to the Main Stage and everywhere in between.
Ingredients: Yields: 2 Servings