Similar to the Relleno Negro/Black Dinna, this dish is made in Belize at Christmas and to ring in the New Year. To the locals, it is said that this type of meal will ‘bring you back’ from any hangover or sleep deprivation. The combination of olives or raisins may be due the Spanish influence upon Belizean cuisine. 

The Taste the Islands Experience (TTIX2019) has teamed up with their event partner Yellow Cab of Broward, one of South Florida's leading transportation services, for an 8-part web series titled "TTIX Yellow Cab Karaoke." The series features appearances by Caribbean musical royalty including Julian Marley, Wayne Wonder, Spragga Benz, Mr. Vegas, Everton Blender, Nyanda of Brick & Lace, Anthony B, and jazz singer Lavie. 

Try this tasty national dish of the Dutch Caribbean island Aruba at home. It’s the unique keshi yena. Here’s the recipe:

Valentine’s Day is about lovers, but it is hard to kiss your significant other if his or her breath is so bad it could make Cupid faint.