I was recently introduced to Haitian barbequed goat. Under the Haitian barbeque method, the flavor of the goat meat is enhanced through the grilling process that other method of cooking does not compare. Here’s my version of Haitian barbequed goat meat.
Appointed executive chef at Fairmont Royal Pavilion resort in St. James last year, Barbadian Kirk Kirton has reached a milestone in his culinary arts career. After 18 years of climbing the creative food management ladder, Kirton continues to use his culinary creativity as a guiding principle. “My style is really taking local produce and trying to translate that into a form that guests will enjoy,” he explained. “Rather than just using only our indigenous ingredients and spices and overwhelm their palates, it’s presented in different ways, and modifying classic dishes in such a way that it incorporates some of our stuff. Is it fusion? Not necessarily.”
News Americas, New York, NY, Fri. Jan. 13, 2017: Recently a friend of mine asked me what is my favourite Caribbean meat stew? As I thought about it, I found it was difficult to decide which Jamaican meat stew is my favourite. It is difficult because I enjoy them all. I love Jamaican beef stew, Haitian goat meat stew, Jamaican stewed pork, Jamaican stewed chicken and Caribbean -American stewed turkey!
News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. Jan. 13, 2017: CNN host Anthony Bourdain has been making the rounds all over Trinidad and Tobago filming for his show and chowing down on those tricky doubles. For New Yorkers looking to experience Trinidadian food in the city that is home to some 90,000 Trinis, here are three top recommended restaurants in the Big Apple, based on the most positive reviews on Yelp.
Slow Food is a grassroots non-profit organization that started in Italy in 1986 and became international in 1989. It was created to “counteract fast food and fast life”. Now in 150 countries, Slow Food is an association of worldwide members who advocate a food culture that is good, clean and fair, three important tenets of the movement.
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