Born in the beautiful island of Barbados, surrounded by beautiful beaches and dynamic cultures stretching from Europe to North America, you can see where her bold smile, inspiration and passion for great food and hospitality originated. Known as chef and owner of Le Cuisson Catering here in Miami, her ‘Fusion Cuisine’ style took on a new life, after she graduated from the Institute of Culinary Arts in Florida. Barbara’s love for fusing spices, exotic fruit and five-star alcoholic beverages from Barbados and around the world, creates an atmosphere of a tropical paradise.
A Jamaican restaurant in the middle of Berlin - Germany’s bustling capital? Not likely? Well think again. On a recent trip through Germany I found a familiar oasis - Carib, a Caribbean bar and restaurant. Located in Berlin’s Schoneberg area, Carib is owned and operated by a Jamaican - and you can’t get more authentic than that.
The hot days of summer and even early fall can leave you parched for a refreshing drink. Sure, water is a great hydrator, but there are times when you thirst for a different taste and maybe a little caffeine to give your energy levels a boost. In the southern states, sweet tea is an item on just about every restaurant menu. And unsweetened iced tea is a popular summery drink across the United States. Traditionally, teas are always prepared by steeping teabags with hot boiled water to increase the aroma. But cold-brewing tea can bring more of the essence out of the tea leaves.
Historic Entrance of King and Prince Beach & Golf ResortSt. Simons Island, GA (August 9, 2010) Stay at the historic King and Prince Beach & Golf Resort as this award-winning oceanfront hotel hosts guests who are interested in coming to the Island for Bobi Saal’s newly created
Salads are a staple for people trying to eat well or save on fat and calories, but not all salads are created equal. While all greens are low in calories, many people sabotage what could be a nutritious dish by adding heavy toppings like fried chicken, croutons or a higher fat cheese. Tasty toppers don't have to be loaded with calories and fat. With a few new ideas and simple switches, a salad can be revitalized and turned into an even better meal. It's easy to make an inspired, flavorful lunch or dinner by mixing up a typical salad. A few simple switches, like changing up the type of cheese sprinkled over the top a salad, can make a big difference. With the right combination of vegetables, protein, fiber and nutritious fats, salads can become a satisfying and enjoyable better choice.