Cou-cou, served with flying fish, is the national dish of Barbados. Somewhat similar to polenta or grits, cou-cou is made with cornmeal and okra. Here’s the recipe:

Another Labor Day weekend has come and gone in the United States, but there’s a Caribbean street dish that is popular year-round, especially in countries like Guyana, Suriname and Trinidad. It’s phoulourie, also spelled phulourie, and
consists of fried, spiced dough balls mixed with ground split peas that are served with hot pepper or a spicy chutney. Give it a try.

Organizers are promising a variety of food, music, art and culture at the “Taste of Lauderdale Lakes” festival this month in South Florida. The event, set for 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Nov. 17, will be held at the Lauderdale Lakes Waterfront. Radio personality Jill Tracey, of HOT 105, will host the festival, which will feature R&B, rap, reggae and country music, plus comedy, spoken word and dance.

INGREDIENTS: 1 pound conch, trimmed, peeled, diced, 2 cups tomatoes, deseeded, diced, 1 cup cucumber, deseeded, diced

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