Allens, Inc., the largest privately-held vegetable company in the nation, has introduced a new line of heart healthy, gluten-free Southern Style vegetables and side dishes. The new line hit grocery shelves in select cities nationwide in December.Allens’ Southern Style vegetables meet growing consumer demand for traditionally seasoned Southern flavors.
This summer, visitors can taste the flavors of Jamaica at several food festivals happening across the island. From its Jamaican jerk spices and stewed sauces to its curried goat and internationally sold patties, the island's fare is recognized and enjoyed around the world. For Jamaica, its culinary offerings reflect the fusion of the destination's people and culture. Visitors will have the opportunity to explore Jamaica's past and present by sampling its cuisine and taking part in festival activities, including music, art and dancing.
LaSource, known for its focus on active, healthy lifestyles, has introduced a new Mediterranean menu at Oscar’s Beach Bar & Restaurant suitable for travelers seeking gluten-free, vegan and vegetarian menu options while on holiday. The luxury-inclusive spa resort focuses on all aspects of wellness including culinary, serving light yet flavorful cuisine at each of its four restaurants. Health-conscious guests can relax at LaSource knowing that the culinary team is dedicated to delivering a holistic dining experience.
For the last thirty years, Sandals Resorts and Beaches Resorts have engaged various partnerships in the culinary field that highlight the fundamental differences between a Luxury Included® Vacation and an all-inclusive vacation. Garnering inspiration from its authentic Caribbean roots, renowned culinary ambassador, international chefs and award-winning wine and spirits, Sandals Resorts and Beaches Resorts take pride in providing guests with a world-class gourmet dining experience.
Based on an advisory by its Brazilian corned beef supplier, Grace Foods USA has joined in the voluntary Class II recall of two batches of canned Corned Beef, which were produced for the USA market by that supplier.