Ingredients:  4 large green plantains, peeled,  2 large ripe plantains, peeled,  2 cups coconut milk,  1 cup, white onion, julienned,  4 garlic cloves, minced,  2 whole habanero peppers, deseeded,  1 bunch wild basil,  Salt and freshly ground black pepper, to taste,  4 medium yellowtail snappers, scaled & cleaned,  Water for coconut milk and softening of the plantain in the Mata bowl, as needed.
Say fine dining and often many think of Paris, Italy, New York or other first world destinations globally. But two South American (SA) restaurants are bucking that trend, making the top 25 list of Top Fine Dining Restaurants In The World. According to Trip Advisor, these two gems are in South America – specifically in Argentina and in Chile. Making the list at number 23 recently was:
Breadfruit salad served chilled.  The secret is out. Many food enthusiasts now recognize a popular Caribbean “fruit” as a super food because of its nutrient values and versatility in meal planning and preparation. This “super food” or breadfruit is abundant in the Caribbean and according to Wikipedia, originated in the South Pacific and eventually made its way to the Caribbean in the 18th Century.
Hands-on Classes Led by Master Chefs Teaches Use of Local Fruits, Vegetables and Herbs.  Barefoot Holidays, one of St. Lucia’s leading destination management companies, is offering a unique culinary experience, “Flavours of St. Lucia”, where visitors have the opportunity to learn popular St. Lucian cuisine and cooking techniques from highly regarded island chefs.
Jamaican stew chicken is a delight to many palettes. Ask any Caribbean national about their favorite foods and they will tell you about a dish prepared with local food ingredients. Caribbean foods are always a favorite among Caribbean nationals and they are passionate and proud of it.
Most Caribbean people love pets, particularly dogs.  Yet dinnertime for many dogs involves the owner ripping open a bag, pouring kibbles into a bowl and walking away. Or worse, leftovers. Not the stuff of a meaningful relationship. Kris Rotonda likes to take an occasional break from that routine and give his four dogs a special treat. Rotonda and his fiancée prepare the canine quartet cooked meals using recipes they share on their Doggy Cooking Network on Youtube. He sees it as a way to occasionally give his pets what he refers to as the “Royal ‘Treat’ Ment”.
Recipe by: Flavors of Belize
SUNRISE, FL.- From the lovers of rustic flavors to those with a more sophisticated palate, there's something culinarily spectacular for everyone at the 14th annual Grace Jamaican Jerk Festival on Sunday, November 8, at Markham Park, Sunrise.
See & Taste Belize Inc., held its first festival on October 10th, 2015 with over 700 visitors who came to support the Neonatal and Pediatric Intensive Care Unit in Belize and celebrate Belize's rich culture, cuisine, arts, music and people. See N Taste Belize 2015's primary goal was to raise funds to support the first dedicated Neo-natal and Pediatric Intensive Care Units in Belize.
Recipe by: Belize Travel Blog - Chaa Creek Ingredients 1 lb. conch,  2 cucumbers,  2 large ripe red tomatoes,  1 onion,  1 bell pepper,  10 limes,  1 habanero pepper ( omit if you don't enjoy spicy food),  1 bunch cilantro chopped,  Salt, ground black pepper and season all seasoning to taste.
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