Haitian gastronomy and culture will be celebrated at the “Taste of Haiti Festival” on May 14 on the plaza at the Museum of Contemporary Arts (MOCA) in North Miami, Florida. The festival usually attracts a diversity cultural enthusiasts. From dishes like the popular griot served with a side of fried plantains to rice and peas, stewed conch, and Caribbean flavours like curry and jerk, the Taste of Haiti is a food lover's playground.
About a dozen culinary teams from the Caribbean are set to compete for honors in cuisine and beverage preparation next month in Miami, Florida.“Taste of the Caribbean”, presented by the Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association (CHTA), will take place June 6-10 at the Hyatt Regency. The annual event brings together food and beverage specialists to share, learn and network about the latest techniques and trends impacting the industry.
Porridge is a specialty in the Caribbean. It is a dish made by boiling ground, crushed or chopped starchy plants or grains in water and/or milk, with various flavorings plus sugar, honey or sweet condensed milk. It’s usually served hot in a bowl. Some of the grains used for porridge include semolina, oat, rice, wheat, barley, corn and buckwheat. Many types of porridge have their own names, for example cornmeal/polenta, grits and kasha.
Cassava or yucca is another one of those Caribbean super foods. It is a starchy gluten free root vegetable whose popularity is credited to the Portuguese and Taino Indians for its presence in the Caribbean, South America, Central America and Africa. Gluten-free starch is used in special food preparations for celiac disease patients, making this root vegetable a real ‘super food.’ Historical information also shows that Taino groups in islands such as Puerto Rico, Hispaniola and Jamaica, relied heavily on root crops, such as yucca.
Ingredients 1 package of Yellow Butter Cake Mix,  1 package of instant vanilla pudding mix,  4 eggs,  1/2 cup water,  1/2 cup Belizean Rum,  1 stick butter,  1 1/2 cup brown sugar,  1/2 cup Pecans.