The holidays are near and, as the temperature falls, we try to find seasonal and comfort foods.
The festive feasting seasons are approaching and chefs and cooks in the diaspora are looking for ways to bring various Caribbean flavors to the table.
One of the most unique teas in the world is found in Jamaica’s cuisine. This tea is not made from any kind of vegetation or spice, but from freshly caught sprat fish. It is called fish tea.
FORT LAUDERDALE, FL – November 21, 2017 – Donnie Dawson, Jamaica’s Acting Director of Tourism, participated in the 16thAnnual Grace Jamaican Jerk Festival’s Celebrity Quickfire Challenge at Markham Park in Fort Lauderdale. Mr. Dawson competed against Todd Tongen, Local 10 ABC News anchor at the Publix Culinary Pavilion hosted by “Taste of the Island’s” Chef Irie Spice. The participants were given 30 minutes to create a dish from ingredients including turkey, eggplant, fennel, and of course jerk seasoning.
NY: For many decades, the turkey has been the hallmark of Thanksgiving celebrations on dinner tables across the United States. But if the truth be told, Jamaicans have never been wholly enthusiastic about the traditional bird, and recently our chefs and our home cooks have been experimenting with an exciting new Thanksgiving idea that is winning raves across the country- the jerk turkey!
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