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Sandals Montego Bay Unveils Solor-Powered Eco-Village


Sandals Resorts Partners with Panasonic to Power Resort Accommodations Entirely Using Solar Energy.

In line with Sandals Resorts International’s dedication to remain a pioneer in environmentally-responsible hospitality, the company has partnered with Panasonic Corporation to unveil Jamaica’s first-ever eco-village resort, which will undoubtedly transform the way hotels accommodate guests in the future.

The flag ship Sandals Montego Bay is now the island’s first resort to utilize Panasonic’s energy saving technology to fully operate its accommodations at Cottage 5, as well as harnessing and storing energy to power parts of the resort’s operation.

The new “eco-village” will generate solar-energy through the use of state-of-the-art Sanyo HIT solar panels that enable the room to be fully powered by solar energy. The panels not only provide enough solar power to operate all electronic components inside the suites, but are also connected to the resort’s electrical grid, allowing any extra energy produced to be utilized towards the resort’s other facilities.

The eco-village also features Panasonic’s latest technology such as inverter air conditioners that use up to 60% less energy, LED lights, automatic system control and more.  The revolutionary project is being introduced at a time when many island resorts are facing an energy crisis. Systems powered by solar energy incur minimal mechanical wear and tear, will last for many years and are ideal for the hotel industry.

The official unveiling of this breakthrough technology took place on November 18, 2011 at Sandals Montego Bay. “We can make a difference in tourism,” Sandals Resorts CEO Adam Stewart said with conviction. “Sandals Resorts International is the first resort brand to utilize Panasonic’s energy-saving technology to fully operate accommodations, further establishing the brand as an innovator in environmentally sustainable hospitality.

The new eco-village at Sandals Montego Bay will reduce power consumption, Greenhouse Gas emissions, and provide our guest with a relaxing and comfortable space while reducing their carbon footprint.”  In the long haul, Sandals Resorts will work closely with its partners ATL and Panasonic to equip other accommodations at Sandals Montego Bay and its sister properties with similar state of the art eco- innovative features.