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NatureScape Broward Hosts Urban Oasis for Migrating Songbirds

NatureScape Broward and partners will be hosting a workshop on Broward Urban Oases for Migrating Songbirds on Friday, August 6, from 1:30 to 3 p.m. at the Long Key Natural Area and Nature Center located at 3501 S.W. 130 Ave. in Davie. Launched by Audubon, the Urban Oases Program is designed to promote landscaping that will improve the value of urban green spaces for migrating songbirds, save water and energy, increase the urban tree canopy and contribute to the cooling and beautification of our urban environments.
Dr. John Ogden, former director of Bird Conservation for Audubon of Florida, will explain the Urban Oases program, which is designed to determine the most important "food plants" for migratory songbirds. Dr. Ogden will provide initial training and guidelines on how volunteer birdwatchers/citizen scientists in Broward County can participate in the collection of bird surveys during the fall migration season, which begins in September. Participants must be able to report bird and plant species electronically. The workshop is ideal for Habitat Stewards, garden watchers, birders, teachers, naturalists, park staff and those who desire to participate in this research study. NatureScape Broward, the National Wildlife Federation, the Greater Fort Lauderdale Flyway Cities Coalition, and South Florida Audubon are partnering on multiple projects and outreach events designed to improve and expand habitat for migratory and resident wildlife in Broward County.