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St. Lucia Removes Environmental Tax After CARICOM Countries Complain


Prime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony says his administration will remove an environmental levy on goods entering St. Lucia which he admits to being illegal, following complaints from a number of Caribbean community (CARICOM) countries.

Speaking on local televison last month, Anthiny said that over the past couple years St. Lucia had been heavily criticized by at least three CARCICOM states for the imposition of the levy.

"Countries such as Trinidad, Jamaica, and Guyana complained bitterly that the environmental levy was unlawful," Prime Ministeer Anthony said.

"In my respectful view and in my judgement, if we had been hauled before the CCJ (Caribbean Court of Justice) we would lose to Trinidad and those other countries that had threatened to take St. Lucia before the Caribbean Court of Justice." Anthony said.

He said that representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affiars and the Ministry of Commerce had attended a March meeting in Guyana where they indicated there were plans to do away with the levy.